I’m Back!!

It’s been 3 years since I have written a blog post. Why?! Because I got locked out of my email that was linked to my blog. And it took me this long to finally get it back in my possession. Let’s be honest it wasn’t a high priority because I was so busy living life. But every so often I would get an ache to stretch my fingers and write. Then the pandemic hit and I had time to fight to get my blog back.

So let’s catch up..

The girls are grown now. All 20 years old and up. My 2 younger daughters still live at home while my oldest moved back from North Dakota and now lives 30 minutes away from me. Which is great because I see the grandbaby, which turned out to be a precious, spunky redheaded little girl, 5 days a week.

Brianna, my youngest, was attending a school that was great until it wasn’t. But she was still doing wonderful! She was even training to be a teacher’s assistant. We were all just saying just one more year. Then the pandemic hit and we saw exactly how school was being done and what they were learning. On top of finding out that they were adding foreign language. I mean, come on, they are special needs for goodness sake. And we just decided with so much uncertainty in the world we would just homeschool her senior year.

Dakota is now 11! I can’t believe how fast time flies. He has kept me very busy these last few years. Minecraft classes every week, homeschool field trips and activities a few times a month. I was even in charge of the elementary age kids activities for one of our homeschool groups. As far as schooling, he has been a handful…as in so smart! He can do math very quickly in his head, faster than a calculator. He reads extremely well and all the time. Science really catches his attention, especially space travel. Last year, we started History and that became his next love. Honestly, writing is the one subject that I think he could live without.

While life was so busy, farm life kinda stood still. We still have our chickens and every year we added a few more layers each year. We still have our ducks and added a couple more here and there. But we never built a new coop and my garden turned to grass.

During the last 2 years, we have found a new hobby that we absolutely love. Camping! Well it’s more like glamping. We bought a truck and a 5th wheel. And we started traveling to different areas. We’ve been to Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and different parts of Florida. Our love for traveling started after our granddaughter was born and my Hubby, Dakota and I took a cross country road trip to go see her.

I think that pretty much sums up my life that last few years. I will go into more details on some events in future post. And now that I am back, I don’t plan on disappearing again.