Monday was the first taste of fall weather we have seen down here in Florida in about a year, possibly more. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the holidays and the nice cool down from the summer heat and humidity. You can usually find me and the kids outside homeschooling or with the windows open.

But yesterday wasn’t a typical fall day. Instead it was very depressing because we can’t go outside or open the windows. Instead we are prisoners in our own home because of our mosquito swamp that the rains from the last month or so have created in our yard.

Our vehicles have been getting stuck. Rain boots are still the “in fashion” around here. I’m constantly sweeping and vacuuming the dirt and mud. My carpet is this fantastic shade of gross. I am exhausted and depressed looking out at my yard.

All I gotta say is THIS SUX!!!!

My backyard, where we would usually be set up with tables, as of yesterday afternoon.

Sunday dinner with the girls….and Lil’ Man

My husband is all about “man food” meaning anything that is heavy. Meat, potatoes and if there is pasta there better be some heavy sauce with bread on the side.

So when Hubby went to the Buccaneers opening day game and left me with the kids and Grandma, I decided to make sure girly food. I knew my girls would love it because of the accidental veggie tacos from the week before. It showed me that my girls don’t care if there is meat on the plate or not. And with Hubby gone it was the perfect day for a meatless meal.

We had Buttery Lemon pasta with steamed broccoli and a side of fresh organic fruit topped with homemade whipped cinnamon cream.


Butter Lemon Pasta~

Cook your pasta according to package and drain.

In a skillet melt 5 TBS. butter in a skillet. Add pasta to the skillet. Stir. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and the juice of 1 lemon. Add lemon zest, as much as you prefer. Stir and serve.

I then added some steamed broccoli on top with some shaved parmesan.



Getting some perspective

Last week I was having a terrible week. I was depressed and stressed out. I was frustrated with the kids behavior and attitude. I was in a really bad mood where everything would just annoy me and throw me into a fit. I admit it was awful.

Then one grumpy 4:30 morning, I was sitting at my computer reading the news annoyed that I have to get up so early and the oldest doesn’t appreciate it, always saying I need or want instead of Hi, how are you, when I came across an article about the mom of the person Taylor Swift’s new song is about.

At the Stand up 2 Cancer concert, Taylor Swift performed a song she wrote called Ronan. Amazing song by itself! But when you research and find the whole meaning it is beyond amazing. Ronan was this beautiful little boy with the brightest, blue eyes, I have ever seen. He passed away from pediatric cancer. He was only around my son’s age, 3 or 4 years old. After reading his mom’s blog, I cried and cried. Then I found the video on YouTube of Taylor’s performance. And I cried some more.

I needed to read and see and hear this. I needed to know that my life could always be worse. I needed to know that it wasn’t the end of the world when my kids destroy my house in 5 minutes flat. Or if they are all melting down and screaming at each other. I needed to know that it will be alright if you send someone to the store for a tub of butter and they come home with stick butter. It’s okay if your spread too thin and don’t have time to cook everything from scratch. Because I need to cherish what I have and find the good in everyday because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I needed to find some perspective. And find it I did!

Though I know I will still be annoyed with my kids and still want to scream sometimes. And though I know my husband will pissed me off by acting liking a man. And groceries will not be anyone else’s job but mine. I will TRY to remember to cherish what I have and what other people are going through. And to always see the glass half full.

If you want to read more about Ronan or his mom Maya, check out her blog Rockstar Ronan.

Mommy’s little helper

I spent most of the weekend cleaning and entertaining and cooking.

HA what’s different between this past weekend and everyday of my life? Well we had more adults than kids for a change.

But I also had a little helper…..

This was Sunday morning. He loves to be a cooker as he calls it. We were making waffles. We were the only ones awake and it was so nice. Being the 4th he doesn’t get as much one on one time. But I love how he finds ways to get his Mommy and me time.








Like sweeping the floor. Everything I asked his sisters to do he would come yelling I do it.





Then it was time for the fun. Our friends brought their 4 wheeler and I was talking to my mother in law when I looked out the window and there was Dakota zooming past with our friend, Dave. Luckily he wasn’t going as fast as my hubby was when I looked up and barely recognized the streak of man that was my husband.

Don’t worry I checked, the life insurance is paid up.


Then it was pool time! Let me tell you after this weekend of crazy fun, he was so tired.