Mommy’s little helper

I spent most of the weekend cleaning and entertaining and cooking.

HA what’s different between this past weekend and everyday of my life? Well we had more adults than kids for a change.

But I also had a little helper…..

This was Sunday morning. He loves to be a cooker as he calls it. We were making waffles. We were the only ones awake and it was so nice. Being the 4th he doesn’t get as much one on one time. But I love how he finds ways to get his Mommy and me time.








Like sweeping the floor. Everything I asked his sisters to do he would come yelling I do it.





Then it was time for the fun. Our friends brought their 4 wheeler and I was talking to my mother in law when I looked out the window and there was Dakota zooming past with our friend, Dave. Luckily he wasn’t going as fast as my hubby was when I looked up and barely recognized the streak of man that was my husband.

Don’t worry I checked, the life insurance is paid up.


Then it was pool time! Let me tell you after this weekend of crazy fun, he was so tired.

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