Have you heard of the new addiction? Pinterest.

It’s a fun website where you can keep all these ideas that you find on the internet into one organized site. It’s a M~ADD mom’s memory. At least for me it is.

But has the thought~ Does that really work? ever crossed your mind.


Which is why I am putting some of the things I see to the test.

So here are things that have worked!


Growing your own celery using the bottom of the celery that you usually throw away. This did work as you can see here I stuck mine in a cup of water and within a few hours it started growing. My mistake was getting so busy that I didn’t get around to replanting it in a pot. So don’t make that mistake.




Putting a wooden spoon over a pot really does keep it from boiling over.







Making my own vanilla with Vanilla beans and a (free, thanks to one of hubby’s customers) bottle of Vodka.






More will it work projects coming soon. Until then you can follow me on Pinterest.







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