NOT Back to School week 1

As homeschoolers we have the luxury of doing what we want, when we want.

With my oldest heading off to school this week, I decided to give my homeschoolers a couple of fun weeks. Yes they are filled with learning experiences but my kids wouldn’t know it. They think it is all about hands on activities.

Take a look at our week in pictures….

He was cold so he had to wear Mommy’s jacket. Getting up early is hard to do, you know.







School time or so he thought. He wasn’t thrilled that there was no school and that I was also taking his picture.








First day picnic lunch. Because of rain we had to do this indoors with a movie.






Waiting for our homemade bouncy balls to be ready.  The kids thought it was fun how I could capture them in movement with the Sport setting on the camera.














Crazy kids! I am convinced they get it from their father.






I honestly love this picture. They are so happy and carefree and young. Gosh how I miss that.






By the way the bouncy balls were a dud for us. Instead of bouncing they went THUD.

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