Letter B~preschool








Our second week of school was a lot more productive. We learned the letter B and color green. We mostly did coloring pages which Lil man is happy doing but he especially loves hands on stuff. His 3 favorite activities were the letter B has a Boo-Boo, Stamp the B’s and Big Brown Bear.

Letter B has a Boo-Boo~ We took the letter B and then Dakota covered it in band-aids. He loved digging threw the container and finding the different kinds of band-aids.

Stamp the B’s~ I got the printable from the blog 1plus1plusequals1 and we used a bingo marker from the Dollar store to stamp the B’s.

Big Brown Bear~ I found an adorable bear picture for him to color while reading Brown, Brown Bear What Do You See. And then we glued googly eyes.

I have learned that anything involving paint, glue, a glue stick or stamper is right up my son’s alley.

Letter A week~preschool

When we started back to school this year, I was excited to find I have a very eager 3 year old wanting to participate too. This is both a blessing and a pain in my butt. But I have 4 kids so adding to my craziness is not hard. Last year he would sporadically do school. But now he wants more structure and more learning. He wants paint, glue, pencils and books. He even had to have his own backpack. And he specifically asked for his ABC’s.

Letter A~

For the most part we are sticking to the letters and just recognizing them. But I also throw in some shapes and colors once in a while because he knows those. And we have a monthly number we learn.

This was letter A. We colored alligators and practice tracing lines.

We painted a red apple.

And we traced his hand and arm to make a tree. Then glued red pom-poms for apples.

This was a slow week for us.

Wait until you see letter B.