Are you just having one of those days?

Well I am having one of those days my entire life! My mom’s side of the family (long story) sees these as moments for them to make me the butt of the joke. But I look at as living my life. What if I did everything exactly as everyone else. Wouldn’t I be boring then? So I say it is what makes me unique or special.

Like the time I decided to pop popcorn in a pot instead of buying microwave. I decided that it would be neat for my kids to watch the popcorn pop. Now just for a moment take in the word POPcorn. Well there was a mess everywhere, but the kids got a great laugh and my cocker spaniel had a yummy treat.

Then there is the time where I was wearing a necklace with my grandpa’s ashes in it. Sitting in the car, waiting for hubby to get done pumping gas, when I felt something land in my lap. My first thought was that he threw something at me and was getting ready to yell at him, but decided to look down. HMMM what’s all this white stuff on my black shirt? Then saw the locket in my lap. I freaked at first and then I stopped and laughed and said very funny Grandpa because this is something he would have done.

OR the time I decided to walk back to my pond to feed the fish and turtle. Just walked up to the pond (this was when we first moved out to country from the city) when I hear rustling in the grass and up the tree. Look over to my right and a huge green iguana is sitting in a tree! I mean who has an iguana living in her back 40? That would be me! Though I think I scared him to death because he has never been seen again.

Then there was that time that hubby and I were clearing our property. This was my first encounter with country life. We were trying to get it ready for building. And I was clip trees while he was cutting grass. I went up to the banana tree started clipping, had a bad feeling, stopped clipping, looked up at the tree and saw the whole thing shaking!!! Lets just say I out ran my hubby who was on the riding mower and that tree was immediately removed from the property.

The latest it could only happen to me moment was when my oldest was assigned her bus stop for the new school year. Hubby and I drove by and saw that it was in front of a very bad neighborhood. Hubby went up to the school demanded a new stop. We went by the new stop and hubby says “this is much better”. I just look at him and say “really?!” It’s in a cemetery! So everyday I enjoy reading tombstones, wondering who these people were in their lives, oh yeah, and listening to my youngest daughter panic that they are going to reach up and get her.

The trials, tribulations and hysterical laugh fest I have living my life. Bet those family members don’t have as much fun living as I do. Who’s laughing now? OH yeah I am, uh huh I am! (crazy dork dance happening right now)


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