The last summer I will have..

Well it’s official! I have a senior in high school! How or when this happened I have no idea. But if anyone sees the guy that sold me the stay young forever potion, let me know because it didn’t work. Instead here we are, enjoying the last summer we will have before adulthood takes one of our daughters. This is also the last summer before all four of my kids are school age. Yup, I have one finishing their school journey while another one begins. Crazy! Even though we don’t have any vacations planned, I am still trying to be around and involved as much as possible before I am not needed anymore. And also taking this time to lecture as much as possible.

This also may be the last summer we have our great dane, Duece. He is 9 yrs old and is having some leg problems. The pain is getting worse everyday for him and he just gives this look like it’s time. So we are calling our vet out next week and finding out our options.

I also have my middle daughter turning 16, going on a plane for the first time and taking her first vacation without me and finishing up driver’s ed.

There are also some big decisions to be made about my special needs daughter this summer.

Maybe I should have titled this the summer of letting go…. because that is what it seems like. So if I am around a lot less or seem like I disappeared, don’t worry just juggling too many balls in the air right now.

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