Momma Let’s her hair down

Last night I had a rare night out with no kids and no hubby. I went to the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert with my grandma, aunt and cousin.

The night started off with me getting into an argument with a bunch of drunks. And I was really worried that I was going to be miserable because drunk and crazy is not my scene.

But once the music started playing and all of my favorite songs came on. I loosened up and actually felt like a 30 year old. Which is extremely hard when I have a daughter going into high school and I feel like I have to set that example for her. But last night I was with my younger cousin and just acted like a young woman who loves music and dancing and having a good time.

That is me in the teal! Shaking my ass, singing and having a good time. And though I didn’t literally let my hair down (it was HOT), I did let my guard down and relax.

Something I think every mom needs once in a while.


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