Crazy weather

So as I was enjoying my relaxing first day of “NOT back to school” week. We had storm pop up and wreck havoc on our little piece of heaven out here in the boondocks. And I say this storm popped up because I texted my mom and she was getting nothing and she is only about 20 miles away.

We had massive rain, swirling wind, lightning and thunder. I mean it came down in buckets. The best part was it really didn’t look extremely bad outside when all of this happened. Our power was going off and on. Trees were swirling in circles and rain was coming at all directions. Our yard is perfect for mudding right now. I have never seen it this bad before.

So once it had stopped I decided to jump in my truck and drive back to hubby to see if he wanted some homemade cookies. I walked out the front door, glanced over towards our front gate and freaked out!

Our tree snapped in half and was completely blocking the road. We live on a dead end road so this wasn’t good. I jumped in the truck drove back to hubby horn honking and screaming about the tree. Almost got stuck twice trying to drive up for him to get in without soaking his feet.

So let me go back and say this tree blocking our road was not just a huge problem because I live on a dead end road but also because it was 3:20pm and the school bus for high school comes at 3:40 and it was raining. Thankfully the bus was almost an hour late and we were able to clear a path on the road before then. And there was no way around the tree because our rain came so much, so fast and so heavy that everything is a swamp and the one car that tried to get around got stuck and Hubby had to pull him out.

Anyways our power line got knocked out to our yard lights. Our fence got smashed along with our very expensive mailbox.

Here are some pictures….









This is after Hubby pulled it over the fence








This our fence. LOOK at all the standing water!














This is my backyard this morning. Can you say waterfront property? Now I understand why I needed flood insurance even though I am miles and miles from the water. Oh and By the way more rain expected today with a possible Hurricane on Monday. YIPPEEE!




Hubby going to work. Needless to say we are now proud owners of rain boots. Just bought them this morning at Tractor Supply. Cashier said they were open for 15 minutes and have already sold 4 pairs. Geez I wonder why?!?





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