A new level of frugal

Hubby and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past May. Since the 2 of us haven’t been on vacation without the kids since our honeymoon, we thought it would be the perfect time. We had a nice relaxing long weekend at Disney! It was wonderful. But I am not sure we were prepared for what happened next.

A summer of togetherness. 24/7 togetherness!

Since our return from vacation, Hubby’s business has slowed down like 100%. He is only working a handful of days out of the month for the last 4 months. So as the months past by, we have had to really tighten our belts and cut out unnecessary expenses. Of course, me being me, cut out all of my beauty expenses or at least went the cheaper route. Back to dying my own hair and waxing my own eyebrows. And no recent hair cuts. But having 2 boys in the house that needed haircuts every month was getting expensive.

So I bought a clipper set at BJs and learned how to cut hair.

I started with my son. I figured if I messed up then no big deal he was 5 and wouldn’t care.







Not too bad for my first time.

Then my youngest daughter wanted bangs. So back to youtube I went.






One side did end up a little shorter than the other. But for my first time, I think it was good. She was happy.

Since this I have done my son’s hair many times. I have to say I prefer cutting the boys hair, much easier and if you screw up just shave it all off. I have even started cutting my Hubby’s hair. Which was nerve racking because he is so particular about it. But I have done it twice and he was very happy. So I have saved us at least $100 so far. The clippers only cost $30. So far a $70 profit. And the more I do it, the better and faster I get. This past Monday, I did both boys in an hour. That beats have to go to Fantastic Sams and wait, not to mention the time and the cost of gas it takes to get there.

One thought on “A new level of frugal

  1. Youtube is a great resource. I bought a set of Wahl clippers after my boys received two terrible haircuts at the barber. I figured why PAY someone to give your children bad haircuts? They were so bad I was accused of hacking them myself. So I asked my boyfriend who cuts mt hair to help me. I watched about a dozen Youtube tutorials before I picked up the clippers. I started with the larger number attachments first and went lower neat the nape. use the bare clipper to tidy up the neckline and sideburns. Older boy wanted his longer on top, so that was scissor over comb cutting, my boyfriend took over there. End result: two great looking haircuts. I paid $60 for a good set at Sally’s and they have been paid for and saving me hundreds of dollars since. My budget is tight, but even if I was making alot more money, why would I pay someone to screw up my children’s hair? And I love the way my boyfriend cuts mine. The number of times I had left the salon upset with the results is far too many to count. Free with great results is best 🙂


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