Holiday hatchlings

Well I did it again. I couldn’t resist watching little baby chicks hatching. So I got out my incubator and put some eggs in to see what would happen. At first, I put in some of my Cayuga eggs, but they weren’t fertile.

And then I put a dozen chicken eggs in there, only 1 was a dud. So I waited another 2 weeks and then I got this result.

Growing a large family


9 out of 11 eggs hatched. They hatched the middle of November.

I’m not trying to brag but the coloring of my chicks are beautiful. Since I don’t specialize in one breed of chicken, mine are considered mixed. But let me tell you. They are pretty!

Chicks~Growing a large family


It was also a good lesson in genetics. We keep playing Whose your Daddy as their feathers come in. I was a little disappointed in the fact that I only got 1 turken out of the bunch. But that’s okay because we have another hatching coming up on New Years Day.

I just put 31 eggs in the incubator. I was going to try some of Lucky’s eggs but she was hiding them from me and I found them too late. So I put 15 of my own, 15 I bought from a friend and 1 from the neighbor.


This post is partying over at The Chicken Chick Blog Hop.

3 thoughts on “Holiday hatchlings

  1. We had Turkens once! Loved them! I hatched some babies a long time ago. I didn’t have a rooster, so I traded infertile eggs with a friend of mine who had fertile eggs. I had a very broody hen and let her hatch them. Out of 7 eggs, 4 ended in a live birth. It was very exciting to watch! One of her hatchlings turned out to be a silkie. That was pretty cool! 🙂


    • I have them all. I have a silkie, a frizzle, turkens and bantams. And then just regular big girls. I have a silkie hen who went broody the day after I set all the eggs. Now I am fighting to break her. I was like why couldn’t you have been one day earlier.

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