International Homeschool Spirit Week

Last week was International Homeschool Spirit Week. Basically all around the world homeschoolers thought why should those public schools get all the fun. We have spirit, yes we do, we have spirit just like you!!!!! But in the comfort of our home and pajamas. Ok now that  I got that out of my system, here’s how our week went.

Monday was Homeschool away from Home. Problem was I didn’t read my email about this fun week until Monday afternoon. But my kids had a laid back Monday due to our schedule changes. So we had mostly fall fun stuff planned.

Tuesday was Comfy Cozy Day. We spent the day in Pajamas and just laid around while doing school.

Wednesday was Crazy Sock Day. This was fun. My grandma had gone out the day before and bought us some tall crazy socks. And the kids loved this. I especially loved the looks I got when I had to go to Walmart. Some just laughed and one shook her head and glared at me.

Thursday was Mismatch day. I meant to take a picture because my kids and me looked CRAZY! I mixed hubby’s hawaiian shirt over some crazy patterned clothes and then did 80’s hair and make up. My kids came out with a different sock on each foot. Mismatching clothes were easy for them because I am always telling them they are mismatching.

Friday was Twin Day! Cailin and I were twins, as were Dakota and Brianna. Again another day I meant to take a picture! But we were having so much fun! And I forgot!

I am hoping this happens again next year. My kids had a blast!

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