I’m Southern and I can’t bake biscuits!?

I was born and raised Southern. But no matter what I do, I can’t bake biscuits! I have tried! And I can’t!

Every Southern Gal or Guy should be able to whip up a batch of homemade biscuits. It is a staple at meals in every southern home. But I can’t! And it’s frustrating!

I don’t know if I knead the dough to much. Or roll it out too much. I don’t know if I am suppose to use a rolling pin or if I am suppose to pat it out with my hands.

WHY? you ask. Because my mom, grandma or grandmom should have taught me right. Because that is what all good Southerners do. WELL…..they ain’t southern. I am only second generation born and raised southerner. And I am only half at that because my Dad was born….somewhere not in the south….because I don’t remember right now. But I know it was not in the south.

Anyways. My grandparents on my Dad’s side is from Illinois and my grandparents on my Mom’s side is from Jersey. And before anyone ask no I can’t make pasta from scratch either (though I might be able to but never tried).

Back to biscuits, it is embarrassing to buy a bag of frozen premade biscuits when you want some because you can’t make them.

Look here is the list to qualify as Southern:

Sweet Tea~ check

Cornbread~ check

Grits~ check

Chicken and Dumplings~ check

Biscuits~ NO!!!

So if anyone can help me out with some tips or a recipe. I am determined to learn how to make biscuits this summer. Though after all my attempts, my family may never want to see a biscuit again. BUT BY GOLLY, I am going to do it!

Here is my last sad attempt.



It was a Bobby Deen recipe.


Decent Flavor. But not light and fluffy at all.


Desperately Seeking good biscuit making tips.

7 thoughts on “I’m Southern and I can’t bake biscuits!?

  1. Haha! I’m the only other southerner that never could get the hang of it! My mom started baking biscuits when she was 8 years old and she still makes the best ones in the world! She uses her hands. I have to use a pastry blender and spoon! I finally had her bake some when I was visiting a while back and I took step by step pictures and put them on my blog at An Alli Event. They are so good!


  2. I live in the South but I’m not originally from here… so I’ve never even tried. I messed up slider rolls at a football party earlier this year, so I don’t have high hopes for biscuits. We used to go to Gulf Shores, AL for vacation and my mom would buy the biscuit mix from a restaurant called Hazel’s — she said they were the best biscuits ever.


  3. HAHAH. That’s awesome. My problem is my grandma never let me help! Anyways your biscuits actually look great! Just try NOT to over mix – put all the flour and stuff on the table (on a piece of wax paper) make a whole in it and put the buttermilk and wet stuff (you sift all the dry stuff together). When its BARELY together roll and cut. The scrap pieces apparently are no good (says my grandma!) but she still uses them… found you via Southern Girl Blog Group


  4. I have no tips! I was LOLing at this post though because I am born and breed Southern and not only 2nd generation and I can’t bake biscuits either. I am not a great cook in general. I learned almost everything I do, cooking or otherwise on youtube! 🙂


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